Digital Cinema Naming Convention

General Notes and Tips
Illustrated Guide to the Convention
Language Codes (Appendix 1)
Language Codes Sorted by Code (Appendix 1a)
Language Codes Sorted by Language (Appendix 1b)
Obsolete/Legacy Language Codes (Appendix 1c)
Territory and Rating (Appendix 2)
Territory Codes Sorted by Code (Appendix 2a)
Territory Codes Sorted by Country (Appendix 2b)
International Ratings Codes (Appendix 2c)
Content Type and Version Number (Appendix 3)
Labeling 3D Product (Appendix 3a)
3D Glasses Cards (Appendix 3b)
Labeling "Combo" Trailers (Appendix 3c)
Audio Configuration and Descriptive Track Language (Appendix 4)
Studio Codes (Appendix 5)
Facility Codes (Appendix 6)
Projector Aspect Ratio (Appendix 7)
Standard and Package Type (Appendix 8)
Labeling Open and Closed Caption Files (Appendix 9)
IMAX (Appendix 10)

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The Digital Cinema Naming Convention is a voluntary industry recommendation, designed to provide HUMAN READABLE information.  This should not be depended upon for AUTOMATION.  Systems SHALL NOT reject content based on real or perceived errors in the use of the Naming Convention.

Welcome to the Digital Cinema Naming Convention Website!

     If you are already familiar with the Digital Cinema Naming Convention, Click Here for general tips and updates.

     This site is designed to help everyone involved in Digital Cinema exhibition understand how to use the Digital Cinema Naming Convention when naming (or locating) Digital Cinema Packages.

The problem:

     Some Digital Cinema servers only show a limited number of characters on their display screens.  If the title of a composition is long, much of the information may be cut off or not visible unless you scroll to a second page.  This makes locating a specific composition difficult if you have multiple titles.  Itís especially confusing when you have multiple trailers as well as the feature with the same name.
If a feature composition were labeled:
Then Digital Cinema Servers that only display 40 characters would only see:
     Is this the feature or a trailer?  Is it flat or scope?  What language is it?  No one can tell if the information is cut off.

The solution:

     The studios and the Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum created a "Digital Cinema Naming Convention" to be used for the text that goes into the "ContentTitleText" element of a composition playlist.

     For those of you not familiar with the Naming Convention, it has two primary objectives:  1) to make as much information visible as possible, and 2) to display the information in a specific order -- in assigned fields -- so theatres will know where to look for specific information.  To achieve these ends, most of the information is abbreviated -- including the movie title if necessary -- and most of the abbreviations are standardized.  (See the illustration chart above.)

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